Logo Research

I picked the Disney logo because I thought it was one of the best wordmark logos. The logo is easy to ready and I'm guessing almost everyone knows what that logo is. It is an older logo and it doesn't need to change and I think it will still be used for a long time and people will always know what that logo stands for.


I chose the McDonald's logo because as far as I know, it is known everywhere. McDonald's is a known company and their logo is everywhere, it's a simple character mark that will never be changed.

The Pepsi logo is a simple logo. It is advertised everywhere and everyone knows what it is, that's why I believe that it is one of the best examples of a figurative mark.

I chose this logo for one of the best combination logos because the Domino's logo is easy to read and includes a picture as well as words. It is not a hard logo and if it needed to be resized you would still be able to read the text.

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